Texas Wildlife Association

Private Lands Summit

"Sustainability of Land-Based Profits and Products"

July 9, 2015

J.W. Marriott, San Antonio, TX

Save the date for July 9, and plan on attending the Private Lands Summit, to be held at the amazing JW Marriott in San Antonio. Hosted by Texas Wildlife Association, the theme of this year's event is, "Sustainability of Land-Based Profits and Products." The event will feature an outstanding cast of speakers discussing a wide variety of topics including ecotourism, commercial hunting operations, livestock practices, bio-energy, conservation mitigation banking, emerging locavore movement, and the important role that private lands stewardship plays in the sustainability of these land-based products.

Also, please consider staying over at this fabulous resort and attending the 30th Annual Texas Wildlife Association Convention, which will be held on July 10-12. This is a tremendous opportunity to involve the whole family for a weekend of fun, while also taking in some informative and enlightening presentations. So, come celebrate our important Texas private lands heritage, as we shine the light on many of the things that make Texas a special place to call home.

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